Tofube strives to be the number one source of all things vegan, with the aim of providing quality content on veganism, the growing vegan movement, environmentalism and plant based food and dieting. Tofube prides itself on authenticity, thoroughly researching every single fact from reliable, expert sources and institutions.

Veganism can be a highly debated topic, and sometimes even controversial, but Tofube uses logic and data to put forward the argument for going plant based and ditching all animal products for good.

Tofube has something for everyone, whether you’re a vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian, beginner vegan or completely non-vegan, including:

  • A vegan meal planner with delicious vegan and plant based recipes for vegan and non-vegan foodies alike.
  • A hub of information answering common questions about veganism including guides on going vegan for the new or starting vegan.
  • Tips and resources on reducing your meat consumption or reducing your carbon footprint for those wanting to make the first step and reduce their ethical and environmental footprint.
  • News on the movement in general, from vegan business to data on latest green and zero waste trends.

Tofube’s ultimate goal is to raise funds for vegan initiatives and businesses who are working together to create a compassionate, environmentally friendly world.

About The Founder

Faisal Anderson - Founder of Vegan FundTofube is authored by Faisal Anderson, a vegan of five years and an animal lover and environmentalism nut in equal measure.

Faisal is driven to make the world a better place, and aims to use his skills as an SEO consultant and digital marketer to shed light
on the world of veganism whilst raising money for incredible vegan and environmental initiatives that are making the world a better place.

After seeing the potential for vegan business both offline and on, Faisal founded Tofube to join in
with like minded entrepreneurs and social impact aficionados in the incredible vegan movement.

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